Cubicle Chic: 3 Ways To Wear Leopard In The Office

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Season after season, leopard is on trend. And why not? It’s a fun print that has serious personality. However, in the office or not, it is still a difficult print to wear. It’s one of those patterns that if done correctly, is very chic, but if executed poorly can be quite unflattering.

The pros certainly outweigh the cons and it’s worth trying this eternal trend. Here’s how to wear leopard in the workplace.

how-to-wear-leopard-cubicle-chic-leopard skirt-strappy-sandals-sole-society-dorothy-perkins-skirtShirt / Skirt / Earrings / Belt / Bag / Heels

For a corporate look, try a dark, subtle leopard pattern like this Dorothy Perkins skirt. It adds dimension to a simple look without being overwhelming. From a distance you really can’t even tell it’s leopard print! Mix in a silky white skirt {with a belt to cinch the waist}, a pair of fun heels and a Sole Society top handle bag for a professional meets chic style.


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My Favs From Altuzarra x Target

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Now you know I looooove a good designer collaboration. And Target does it for me every time. This time around Target is uniting yet again with New York based ready-to-wear designer Joseph Altuzarra. Altuzarra was also a part of the Holiday 24 collection where he produced a martini shaker, serving tray and gilded glasses. (My mother and I may or may not have 2 sets each of these glasses between the two of us because we were obsessed with the Holiday 24 collection. May or may not.) Anyway, this new collection launches on September 14th at Target, and ships internationally through

Now… As a sometimes straight size sometimes plus size woman, this collection may or may not fit me. This happened with the Kate Young, Phillip Lim and Peter Pillato collections. Some plus size bloggers are calling for a boycott of Target until they expand the line into plus size. Personally I’m not boycotting Target because I looovveeee it and I shop there for everything. But I do agree these collections should be offered in plus sizes because we are shoppers too. I spend a ton of money at Target. Some times in the plus department, sometimes in the straight size department. Not to mention I’ve patronized almost every collab since Zac Posen, if only to buy accessories.

Anywhoooo. I’ll probably plan a trip home and drag spend quality time shopping with my mother and at least try on a few pieces. Because I’ve see video from the Phillip Lim debacles at the Targets in New York and I do not have the time. If they fit, Here are the pieces I’ll be reaching for:

black thigh slit dress blk dress gold shoulder blk long sleeve pussybow boots flower sweatshirt green flounce snakeskin printed trench red velvet tux pants snakeskin blazer


Will you be standing in line for this collab? Or are you over it?

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Cubicle Chic: How To Wear Shorts In The Office

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Cubicle Chic: how to pull off shorts in the workplace

Wearing shorts in the office can be difficult to pull off. Once a garment only reserved for causal settings, dress shorts are a definitely a trend to try in the last few weeks of summer. The trick to pulling off shorts in a work environment is to focus on the right fit and length. You don’t want to wear anything too tight or revealing. It’s all about finding a pair of shorts that are at least mid-thigh length, but is still flattering to your shape.

In this week’s Cubicle Chic, see how to wear shorts to work in an effortless, affordable way.

Cubicle Chic: how to wear shorts to work

Blazer / Cami / Shorts / Heels / Bag / Earrings

For a seriously polished ensemble, combine Bermuda length shorts with a coordinating blazer. Add in a pop of color with a red blouse and a dash of sophistication with intricate drop earrings and a structured tote. Since these shorts are knee length, you can reach for a pair of d’orsay pumps like these from Jessica Simpson.

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Check Out My Feature on!

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So I’ve been natural for about 8 months now and about 3-4 months in I started to look heavily to social media for reinforcing positive messages about my natural hair (since I am the only girl to go natural AFTER, and not during, her time at Howard.) Anyway, one of the sites I found was Joy Adaeze’s new natural hair site CurlSistas on IG. I’d been following Joy for a while and I loved her unique style (not to mention she’s the turban queen honey). Instant follow. A few weeks later, I saw she was looking for interns for CurlSista in New York. Long story short, got the internship, moved to New York and a few months later she’s telling my tale! I hope you all enjoy!

photo 1 (3)

/Editor’s Note/ This week, we’ll be doing a very special ‘CurlSista of the Day‘ where we spotlight the Curlsistas Crew- the team that helps keep this awesome site running! Next up, Antoinette- our Social Media intern who joined the team this past May! Thanks for all your continued hard work! xo.Joy.


Name/ Antoinette Childs


Age/ 22


Background/ I’m Caribbean and African-American. I was born in Baltimore, Maryland.


Where do you live? Just moved to NYC.


What do you do? I’m a social media intern for And I contribute to other fashion sites.


How long have you been a natural gal? This is my second time attempting to go natural and I’m 8 months strong.


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The following is an excerpt from a conversation I had with a guy I met last week:

Him: “If you’re free, we can go to brunch next weekend…”
Me: “Yes! I love brunch!”
Him: “Haha. How did I know that…”

Hold up. Hold up. Hold up. Why did he just assuuuuume I loved brunch? Doesn’t everyone love brunch?! Then I remembered this VSB post about brunch (mama {uncles, aunts and church members included} don’t click this link). Brunch apparently is a “bougie black people” thing. And for whatever reason he just assuummeedd I was a bougie black girl. I haven’t even told him I went to Howard yet.

Honestly, we’re probably not even going to brunch. For reasons. But it didn’t stop me from planning some outfits.

Left: For dressy brunches (weddings, rooftops, day parties, yacht parties, etc.) go for a 70’s glam vibe with a flowy maxi dress, chunky platform heels and hoop earrings.
Right: For casual brunches with the girls, try a grown-up version of the graphic tee and flowy fitted pants. Extra points if you go to a French restaurant.

Do you love brunch? What would you wear to a dressy or casual brunch?

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